Selective Outsourcing Solutions limited Services operate to add value to our client’s operations by providing manpower recruitment and outsourcing services.
Ours services are diverse and our operations dynamic, flexible, technologically powered and result oriented.We have crafted our portfolio to suit your needs and to ensure convenience, your demand will be efficiently managed and all decisions professionally informed.

Below is an overview of our services:



SELECTIVE OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS takes keen interests in recruitment of professionals to ensure quality and professionalism. We vet the candidate’s personal and professional life to verify their previous training, education level, integrity issues and experience. We require that the applicants be at least 18 years of age, hold the equivalent of a high school diploma, pass criminal background checks, be fingerprinted and pass physicals prior to recruitment. We recruit both young adults who have a passion in their industry and subject them to thorough and rigorous training and practice as well as experienced professionals who are seeking new opportunities, advanced training or both.



Candidates undergoing induction training.They are enlightened about their responsibilities as qualified proffessionals.


We undertake an induction training course for our candidates in all professional fields as an introduction to the candidates in order to enable them to do their work professionally in their job role .This training can be systematic or unsystematic training depending on job category.

After the induction courses, candidates attend interviews. We can conduct interviews jointly with our clients, conduct a Skype interviews or handle the interviews exclusively on behalf of our clients. After the interviews, selection process is undertaken based on merit and interview results.

After the interviews, selection process is undertaken based on merit and interview results.


Candidates undergoing fitness interviews in line with our recruitment guidelines to ensure quality of employees.



SELECTIVE OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS LTD is guided by our clients demand and formulates tailor made solutions to fit that demand. We have over ten years of experience supplying professionals to blue chip companies and esteemed organizations in Gulf enriching our experience of handling interviews and deployment as per our client’s directives.
From commencement to the deployment of a candidate, correct procedures, quality services and convenient practices are adhered for best results.We are the best in the supply of professional and competent workers in the region with modern training and practice facilities, experienced staff with high professional ethics and conduct next to no other.




Successful candidates are promptly deployed on their line of duty without delay to ensure efficiency and convenience.