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SELECTIVE OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS (K) LTD is a growing; government licensed outsourcing company based in South Africa with the Head Office in the capital city of South Africa (Cape Town), a branch office in Mombasa and a representative office in Dubai (Deira).
With an ever-growing list of satisfied clients we specialize in outsourcing among other services:

  • Security Guards
  • Drivers
  • Commercial and domestic cleaners
  • Hospitality personnel
  • Building and construction specialists,and ICT specialists.
    We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Our Mission is to provide word class manpower staffing and outsourcing services at optimal resource utilization that will ensure low cost and high quality services.


Our Vision is to be the leading solutions provider in manpower staffing and outsourcing services.



We are not merely reactive to situations. We initiate value-add strategies to enhance our clients’ workforce and mitigate their risks.


We do not have ‘HR blinders’ on. Rather, we consider the broader impact of how our work contributes to and impacts business.


We honor the culture, mission, and values of our clients by aligning our style and approach to their unique environment.
Our Services

Recruitment & Selection

Manpower planning, recruitment and retention are critical business considerations that contribute directly to an organization’s ability to build a skilled workforce and achieve its goals. 

HR Audits

The purpose of HR Audits is to conduct a more in depth analysis of the HR function to identify areas of strength and weakness and where improvements may be needed.

HR Outsourcing

Outsourcing HR services is a cost-effective way of ensuring that your HR needs are met and allows you to free up resources to focus on other core areas of your business.

Competency Development

Competencies are observable abilities, skills knowledge, motivations or traits defined in terms of behaviours needed for successful job performance Properly.

Job Evaluation

Job evaluation and grading is a systematic process which helps to determine the size and value or worth of job roles in relation to other jobs roles in the organisation.

Respectful Workplace Training

Respectful workplace training courses take a fresh modern approach to learning, using contemporary themes, attractive design, and interactive technologies designed to promote engagement and empower your team to participate in a respectful work environment.

We're here to help you get started in the right direction, We think outside the box and do not assume that ‘how it has always been done’ is the best way. We leverage technology and new ideas to continuously improve.

We Specialize In The Following Areas


We at Selective Outsourcing Solutions understand and acknowledge cultural dynamics and most notably
modern family structure. For this reason we train, supply and recruit housemaid.

Security Guards

We are dedicated at providing effective and efficient security guards outsourcing solutions across Africa and The Gulf most notably UAE and the republic of Qatar.
We deliver the right security professionals. We examine each candidate’s level of training,criminal background, work history, references, education background and train our candidates on contemporary security issues to keep them up to date.

Hospitality Staff

South Africa is known as a rich tourist destination with a rich
wildlife and culture. For this reason, South Africans are trained to
handle this comparative advantage through intense training
and natural experience.
We supply the following type of workers:

  • Commis Chefs
  • Chefs
  • Cooks
  • Barristers
  • Barmen
  • Housekeepers
  • Waitresses and waiters
  • Front office personnel
  • Guest relations
  • Life Guards


At Selective Outsourcing Solutions we are committed to deliver the best of
taxi drivers, truck drivers , executive drivers and machine operators who are highly experienced not only in South Africa but also with The Gulf experience and from the rest of the world.
Our selection criterion is guided by our understanding of our clients’ needs gathered along over the ten years of practice in this field and the feedback we get from our esteemed customers.
We seek on drivers and operators with the right attitude, skills and knowledge.

Proffesional Cleaners

Cleanliness is a key factor in every organization. In the current world there has been a rise in the
demand of professional cleaners. However the supply of qualified professional cleaners has been
below the demand. We as SELECTIVE OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS LTD came up with a
solution by training and supplying professional cleaners from South Africa to the rest the world notably
Qatar and United Arabs Emirates.

We specialize in the following professionals:

  • Domestic Cleaners
  • Industrial Cleaners

Compensation Consulting Services

Have your compensation practices become too complex to manage? Not enough time or expertise to tackle an update to your compensation program? Let the experienced professionals at Trüpp help you dial up your compensation program to ease the process of making pay decisions, competing for talent, and maintaining equitable pay practices.


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